Laser Pain Relief Therapy

Our pain relief techniques are non-toxic, non-invasive, and highly effective.

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About the Technology

The technology utilizes superluminous and laser diodes to irradiate abnormal tissue with photons; these particles of energy are absorbed by a variety of micro-molecules resulting in the conversion of light into biochemical energy. Multiple positive physiological responses are thereby initiated and normal cell morphology and function is restored.

Advantages of the Bioflex System:

  • Non-invasive
  • Non-toxic
  • Easily applied
  • Highly effective

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Why Laser Therapy for Pain Relief?

Learn about the medical applications of laser therapy for pain relief.

Soft Tissue & Sports Injuries

  • Ligament and Tendon Tears
  • Muscle Strains
  • Tendonitis / Bursitis

Repetitive Stress Problems

  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Tennis / Golfers Elbow

Arthritic Conditions

  • Degenerative Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

Musculoskeletal Problems

  • Herniated Disc
  • Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Stenosis
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Headaches (Migraine, General)

What They're Saying

See what people have to say about Ontario Laser Health & Rehabilitation Centre

Radio Testimonial for Ontario Laser Health & Rehabilitation Centre

Hi, Ken and Laurie: As you both know I have always been an active person. I played softball, ball hockey, volleyball, curling, badminton…plus have been a gym goer for over ten years. The pain of Osteoarthritis and acute inflammation has slowly taken over my life. This past winter knee surgery actually worsened the condition. I had hit a roadblock…meds prescribed were not working. You told me about the BIOFLEX-low laser therapy and that it could help. My knee started feeling better right away. Inflammation and swelling finally started to go down. I am now out for walks and I’m doing cardio again at the gym…and I may even get a game of ball in this summer! You were able to help, when nothing else did…you’ve given me back my life, THANK YOU!

- Deb James, Kool FM

Since starting with the laser (BioFlex), I have had some outstanding results in being able to get our athletes back to the game and practice. I have no hesitations to give this unit my full endorsement.

- Chuck Mooney, Former Head Trainer, Toronto Raptors

As a physiotherapist, I must say that BioFlex gave me the best results imaginable. After seven laser treatments over a period of two and a half weeks, I was totally asymptomatic. I’ve tried other treatments in the past but none have even come close to matching the effectiveness of BioFlex.

- Chris MacHattie, Orthopedic Physiotherapist, The Toronto Hospital

For the past two years, my right rotator cuff has give me nothing but problems. I’m convinced that without your laser unit, I would not be playing competitive golf as I am now. I can only hope the world will find out about you and benefit as much as I have.

- Steve Jones, PGA Tour Golfer

I am writing this letter to thank the people at Ontario Laser Health for the, as far as I am concerned, miracle they have performed on a problem I have been living with for the past 5 years. I received a relatively minor injury in May of 2003 when my 15 month old son fell on me. The injury was on the most delicate area of the male body. It was determined in September of 2003 to perform a Day Surgery to remove the problem. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as they said and some errors occurred during surgery. I required another surgeon to try to repair the area. They had to perform 2 more surgeries, which became more extensive and kept me in the Hospital for 10 days at a time. Over the past 4½ years I have seen a dozen Doctors and specialists who are the best in their fields of Urology and Neurosurgery and I have been told that I may never get any better than I was at the time. When I was seeing these Doctors I had an IV line in my shoulder that went into my chest directly to my heart to give me the strongest Antibiotic available in order to keep the infection from getting out of hand. I was on these antibiotics 3 times daily and had home nursing 3 times a week for over 3 years. The main problem I was trying to live with besides the high white count was the incredible pain I was in from the surgeries. The neurologists and neurosurgeons were telling me the Nerve Damage from the surgeries was very extensive, not treatable at this point and I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. The problem with that is the amount of pain medication I needed to stop the pain. I was taking 140Mg of Oxycontin a day at some points to control the pain. Currently I am taking 75Mg of Morphine in a patch form, DOWN from 125Mg just 6 weeks prior to starting with Ontario Laser Health & Rehabilitation. The goal is to be down to 50Mg in the next couple of weeks and hopefully off the pain medication completely within another 6 weeks. Since I have been going to Ontario Laser Health the progress has been amazing. I heard about them from my Mother who told me that they can treat pain issues and that it seems to be the best kept secret in medicine. I have gone from spending at least 20 to 22 hours a day lying down to spending only 10 to 12 hours a day lying down with the ability to watch my daughters hockey game. The greatest part of the Laser Treatment is the fact that my wife and children are getting a Husband & Father back. I have been able to do things again that I have not been able to do for 5 years. My Wife & Children are amazed and want to thank Ken, Laurie and the staff at Ontario Laser Health personally for what they have done for me. I cannot believe that in only 2 months of Laser Therapy I have the potential for a life again. You can actually feel the difference in the first week of therapy. I already had more movement in the area and was feeling less pain. I was actually able to take my kids for a walk in the park and not have to go directly to bed when we got home. You can’t fully appreciate how that feels unless you have been in the position of living with Debilitating Pain or an illness or both. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I know this seems a little to much but you have to understand what kind of change you have helped make happen in my life. I am also very upset that I was not told, by someone in the medical establishment, of this therapy 4 years ago. It could have saved a lot of pain and not to mention the money that has been spent on my care. This Therapy should be made available to all patients and at the very least mentioned as a possible route to giving people, like myself, hope for a future.

- Mike Mueller

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