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Bicep Tendinitis

The biceps muscle, in the front of the upper arm, helps stabilize the upper arm bone (humerus) in the shoulder socket. It also helps accelerate and decelerate the arm during overhead movement in activities like tennis or pitching. Strong, cord-like structures called tendons connect one end of the biceps muscle to the shoulder in two places. At the other end of the muscle, tendons connect the biceps muscle to the smaller bone (radius) in the lower arm. If the tendons become inflamed or irritated, the condition is called tendinitis.

Injuries to the biceps tendons are commonly caused by repetitive overhead activity.

Symptoms include:

  • Pain when the arm is overhead or bent.
  • Localized tenderness as the tendon passes over the groove in the upper arm bone.
  • Occasionally, a snapping sound or sensation in the shoulder area.